To understand the global markets means to grasp the financial markets as a melting point of expectations and emotions.

The HJB Consulting evaluates the decisions in the markets not prior by the descriptive statistical procedure of the national economy.

The emotional decision patterns that are in fact identified by using the findings of of modern psychology. So the perception of risk is not a statistical size, but the experience and evaluation of realized an unrealised losses in terms of the amount and the temporal distance from the decision.

Aim: Avoiding losses linked with active risk management due to the "Vola-Stop" – systematic

Market movements shall not be evaluated to econometric models, but by the benefits of the concrete acts.

Aim: Profit through investing in global growth areas

We offer our customers technical and logistical support with the development of strategies for investment and hedging, taking account of individual restrictions from the commercial law, tax law and of course personal financial planning.

If necessary we provide our customers with competent and  independent Financial Advisors in Europe, USA, China and Russia.

Through absolute transparency in the remuneration we avoid conflicts of interest in the selection of the product suppliers and products.

Aim: "Best of Class" for the partners and products