"Globalization: The art, opportunity and risk balance correctly"

The times are characterised by increasing tensions in geopolitical terms, beginning global struggles, increasing scarcity of available goods and especially a lack of understanding cultural differences. 

The political frictions in large parts of the G8 are leading to erratic fluctuations in the financial markets, the pricing of raw materials and currencies in particular is becoming more and more volatile. This aggravates calculating risks appropriately and yet persisting in the face of competition.

We provide support in the areas of:

1. Process Optimization (Supply Chain Management)

2. Project Optimization (fuse of currency and raw material prices)

3. Asset Management (macro- and micro hedge for currencies and raw materials)

4. Financial Management (optimization of) liquidity reserves

5. Interest management (optimization of the Dept/ Equity-Ratios, interest rate structures, duration)

Our long-standing relationships in the energy sector in the USA, Eastern Europe and in since 2011 in China allow us to interpret the goal that can be used.

Efficient risk management systems on the basis of the findings of the "Behavioral Finance" back up the decisions of our customers.