"Buy the rumors, sell the facts".

Every day we are observing the dissonance between market expectations and real figures, this confirms this political acumen. The prices are caused by the majority of the expectations.

The decision-makers as a social being are tending to anticipate the majority opinion.Together with our customers we take into account these behaviors in our decision-making processes in commercial a meaningful way.

This includes in particular the nature and scope of the parameters and the specification of the necessary exit strategies. Specifically, we are using sociological behavior patterns, known as herding, because it leads to cyclical excesses on the pricing, capacity planning, and sales planning. 

The systematic of the HJB Consulting allows the exempt financial decisions from the emotional boundaries. We call this non-linear system the "VolaStop"- strategy.

This opens up alternative actions in markets, which have so far not in focus for investments were considered layers and/or skeptical decisions

"The profit lies in Purchasing"

The history shows the wisdom of this spell, the implementation in the day-to-day business again and again conducts us to new challenges.

The "Supply Chain Management" has to balance the effects of fear and greed in the procurement markets every day. The already named herding effect is leading to inconsistent and overlapping demand cycles between the global and regional markets and investment industries respectively.

Our answer to the question of the identification of the faults is an analysis of cash flows, which we named as the "modified comparative relative strength" systematic.

Thereafter we are assessing the distribution and daily change in the interest of institutional investors in various markets.