HJB Consulting was established in 1995

The CEO Hans-Jürgen Brandt (Dipl.BW) started his career in 1982 in Munich.

Qualifications at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (former Bankakademie), FernUniversität Hagen, London Business School and St. Magdalen College - Oxford brought the necessary international experience.

Since 1984 he worked as a successful financial advisors, as well as instructor in securities and corporate banking business. Over 5 years he gained experiences in the executive committee department - investment banking of a german major bank an as a lecturer in general management economics fot Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. 

In Hamburg he used this knowledge as an institutional sales for the areas of: foreign currency, fixed income and equities (US specialist) for his customers successfully. And he is inquired as an advisor for interest optimizations in enterprises, as a risk manager for currencies and raw materials as well as as trustee./ asset manager.

1999 gave Mr. Brandt the dependent bank activity up, in order to furnish for the customers an independent, professional consultation. The emphasis is thereby on the production of solution strategies for financial, economical questions in enterprises. Naturally it accompanies its customers also during the conversion of these strategies..

From 2010 till 2016 Mr. Brandt is also managing partner of the Veermaster Asset Management GmbH (Hamburg), and has been licensed by the German Financial Supervisory Authority at 04.01.2011 for “Financial Portfoliomanagement”.

Since then also private customers can profit again from the realizations one more than 30-year old experience process.